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Posts tagged: Recipe

Recipe: Beef Tongue Tacos

This recipe comes from Enrique Olvera who is a world renowned chef. He owns 15 restaurants with two (Pujol in Mexico and Cosme in New York) holding positions on the World's Best Restaurant list. In his book, Tu Casa Mi Casa, he explores the foundations of Mexican cooking and flavours. This recipe...

Recipe: Beef Stock

Brown stock is a staple in cooking and is the base for a ton of recipes. Brown stock is a highly gelatinous and makes for a rich and flavourful stock. In French cooking, traditionally a veal stock is used but a beef stock is also great. The beef stock will...

Recipe: Ghanian Peanut Butter Soup

Whenever my Mom makes Ghanian Peanut Butter Soup, I know she’s missing back home. It’s a sweet and savoury dish that is traditionally served with fufu. We usually eat it with our hands and, if you’re among friends, out of the same bowl. It’s a recipe Ghanians recall from memory,...

Recipe: Poached Salmon with Herb and Caper Vinaigrette

Poached salmon in less than 30 minutes. With a few tweaks (adding alcohol, reducing the amount of poaching liquid, and resting the salmon on lemons). We suggest sharing this with your loved ones and making adjustments where you see fit (we know capers aren't for everyone). 

Recipe: Roasted Marrow Bone

Roasted marrow bones doesn’t have to be complicated, here is the luxurious dish made easy. Here’s a super simple bone marrow recipe from the famous Minetta Tavern that you can use to impress your friends

Recipe: Lyonnaise Steak and Onion Soup

Linda is the Editor-in-Chef for Culinaire Magazine. For years, her and her team have featured local producers, chefs and more putting Calgary on the culinary map. This recipe was featured in the first Culinaire Magazine more than 5 years ago and it is one that she still revisits today. 

Recipe: Salmon Ceviche with Dill

Barton Seaver is a chef, author and speaker who is at the forefront of sustainable seafood. You can find his love of food, community and sustainability in his books: Where There's Smoke: Simple, Sustainable, Delicious Grilling and Fish: Recipes from the Sea. This no-cook salmon ceviche is delicious.

Recipe: Lasagna

Lauren and her partner are both customers and they use food as a way to combine and share cultures. They both bring different dishes and recipes that we grew up having; she shares lasagna something her mom always makes and he shares traditional Yemeni cuisine.

Recipe: Frozen Steak

Can a frozen steak be cooked properly? Alex investigates. We did a deep dive into America's Test Kitchen frozen steak video and we learned a lot about how to cook frozen steak to medium rare perfection.

Recipe: Asian Seared Tuna

Jamie Oliver is a world-renowned chef who is known for his easy recipes and for fighting for healthy food for kids. Founder, Alex, tried this recipe and according to him "It's hard to go wrong with a combination of soy, lemon, chili, ginger–you can try this with any seared fish. 

Recipe: Oxtail Soup

When Lis from The Subversive Table was a kid, her favourite soup was oxtail soup. Not chicken noodle soup. Or tomato soup. Instead, she loved my Korean grandmother’s soup made from funny looking bones. Time to get cooking!

Recipe: Salmon Poke

Micki makes incredible food look easy. Micki sees the value of using natural food for good health. Her and her partner use healthy food as a form of preventative medicine—meat quality is everything. Get a health-packed meal started and finished in minutes, so you can focus on what matters...quality time!

Lil Green Urban Farm

Bessie met Lil Green Urban Farm (Trevor) at a farmer's market and had to try some of their Garlic Salt. Trevor grows organic local produce all year round! He even makes tasty herbs and spices for adding flavour to your dinners.Ask us for some garlic salt! Get your tasty surprise...

Recipe: Korean Beef Patties

Lis from The Subversive Table shares her story and recipe with us.Growing up, Lis's Korean grandmother liked to pan fry little beef patties dipped in egg wash. Filling and tasty, they were a comforting staple at dinnertime that were tucked into lunch boxes the next day. Time to get cooking!

Recipe: Roast Beef

Nervous about a potluck? Roasts are a simple and salivating hit!Bessie Founder Shanika combined a few of her favourite roast beef recipes and came up with—what her friends claim to be—the best roast beef recipe. Her potluck roast went so well that one of her friends stole the leftovers.

Recipe: Sous Vide Rib Steak

Sous Vide! That sounds fancy?Bessie friend Peter uses sous vide to cook his rib steaks to perfection. Check out the tasty tenderness—you will want to try it out!