Lil Green Urban Farm Small Worker

Lil Green Urban Farm

The tastiest things can be in our backyard.

Bessie met Lil Green Urban Farm (Trevor) at a farmer's market and had to try some of their Garlic Salt. Trevor grows organic local produce all year round! He even makes tasty herbs and spices for adding flavour to your dinners.
Ask us for some garlic salt! Get your tasty surprise...

Lil Green Urban Farm Small Worker
Who says that kids can't be farmers! (image: Lil Green Urban Farm)

Lil Green Urban Farm has been growing crops of peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, garlic, and more since 2010. Starting with a homemade 8' x 8' greenhouse for friends and neighbours, Trevor has now expanded to a full hydroponic setup (with additional backyards too!).

Lil Green Urban Farm grow tent
Backyards beware...Trevor's grow tent that started it all (image: Lil Green Urban Farm)

Trevor gets ridiculously (according to his wife) excited experimenting with different methods and different plants, seeing the results and watching the seeds grow. Bessie (and our taste buds) thank him for it!
We recently loved it as seasoning on a Cherry-Smoked Brisket.

Bessie cherry-smoked brisket
Bessie's latest cherry-smoked brisket...tender and properly season with Lil Green Urban Farm garlic salt

Bessie team dinners rock!

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