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Irving's Farm Fresh

Irving's Farm Fresh is a family-owned and operated pig farm in Round Hill, Alberta. Alan and Nicola moved their family from the UK to Canada in 2005. Once they moved to Alberta, they noticed that their favourite British pork products weren't available here. So in 2007, they began breeding their own Berkshire pigs! Because if you can't find your favourite food... just make it from scratch yourself right?! Their small herd of Berkshire pigs are raised naturally, without the use of antibiotics or added hormones. Irving's Farm Fresh strives to create a stress free environment for their beloved pigs, focusing on the "five freedoms" welfare standards which includes: Freedom from hunger and thirst Freedom from discomfort Freedom from pain, injury or disease Freedom to express normal behaviours Freedom from fear and distress They live freely with full access to their outdoor environment and indoor shelters to protect them from natural elements. Their pigs feed on forages, locally grown grain, and a premix of canola/soya, and vitamin/mineral supplement - never fed any animal by-products. This includes humane treatment with free roam of their outdoor environment, to be normal pigs and root in the dirt, as well as the enjoyment of human contact. Talk about living the good life! The stress free life their pigs live, result in the best meat quality for you and your family.

Brant Lake Wagyu

Brant Lake has been providing the best wagyu in Alberta for more than 20 years. Brant Lake takes the welfare, nutrition and care of the animals very seriously. They grow their Wagyu cross animals slowly with a sustainable diet and  maintain strong health protocol, tracking individual animal health data therefore resulting in a superior beef...

Bessie Farmers

Bessie empowers honest and responsible farmers to get their food (and story!) to people

EH Farms

Bessie works with EH Farms (located near Strathmore, AB) to source Mangalista pork. Fun fact: EH Farms is the only mangalista farm in Western Canada. The Bessie team has had the pleasure of visiting EH Farms which is home to the pigs, as well as chickens, ducks and lambs. The Mangas...

CJ Pork

Bessie works with CJ Pork (located east of Calgary, AB) to source pork.  Chad, Jolene have been farming for more than 20 years and after being hit with changes due to COVID, they decided to switch things up and start going directly to customers front doors with their delicious pork. At CJ Pork, they...


Bessie works with North Sea (located in Calgary, AB) to source Atlantic salmon. The salmon is sustainably farmed and from the East and West coasts of Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

High River Chicken

High River Chicken has been providing top quality poultry products to the Foothills area for many years. Their farming practices have consistently delivered healthy and delicious chicken farm-to-fork. In 2018, HRC took the initiative to construct the newest in enriched animal housing and received their certified Raised with Antibiotics accreditation....

Prairie Ranchers

Located south of Wetaskiwin, Alberta, the beef operation at Pine Haven Farms is focused on producing nutrient-dense beef in an environmentally enhancing way. Our ranching approaches are rooted in the simplicity of the past, combined with fresh knowledge for a healthy and sustainable future. We have placed an emphasis on...

North Sea

Bessie works with North Sea (located in Calgary, AB) to source sockeye salmon. The salmon is wild-caught and from Alaska around Bristol Bay. Sockeye salmon is native to Canada but, here is why we don’t source locally at this time because sockeye is endangered in B.C. according to the Canadian...

Lone Pine Farms

L.P. Farm Fresh Chicken is located near Calgary, Alberta. L.P. Farms is run by Tony and his Dad Peter, from the Lone Pine Colony which originated in 1999. Hutterites are a communal people dating back to the 1500s, originating in Germany, Russia and the Czech Republic. When they migrated to...


Bessie works with North Sea (located in Calgary, AB) to source ahi tuna (also known as yellowfin tuna) from Pesca Azteca and Cod.

Gemstone Farm

Located in Gem, Alberta, Gemstones is a fourth generation family farm. The great grandparents immigrated here from Europe and the farm has grown and changed a lot since then, but Gemstones’ still relies on hard work, cooperation and integrity to be able to get the work done and get along!...