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What does supporting local mean to me?

Hi everyone! Anita here with my first blog post for Bessie Box!  Just wanted to share a few reasons I love shopping local and what kind of impact I believe it has on our community. I'm a big believer in supporting small Alberta business, whether it's the local bakery, small restaurants, farmers markets showcasing amazing fresh products, or online shopping stores like Bessie Box.   Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan really set the stage for me on what supporting community means. It meant that you got your farm eggs from one neighbor, an ice cream pail of fresh raw honey, or a cow or pig to butcher from another and so on! It was a rare treat for us to go to the city and we never grocery shopped there. We relied on the local butcher, grocery stores or neighbors for everything.   Supporting local means that you care about the people and the community that you live in. By buying local you are putting money back into the community that you live in and letting an amazing person(s) flourish doing something that is their passion!  Local businesses put their heart into their products and showcase such unique and quality products and it shows.    What other ways can you support local? Buy gift cards as a gift or keep it for a later date! Explore new local markets and businesses in your neighborhoods. Leave positive reviews- if you've enjoyed a product or had a great experience leave a review! Share with friends - word of mouth is a powerful thing! We'd love to hear your ideas on what you would like to see more of from us! Send us an email and let us know how we are doing and if there is something more you would like to see! Leave us a google review!   We hope that you see the passion our team at Bessie Box shows for finding quality products for you to try at home. We hope by us showcasing these products and sending you samples from some of our favorite places, you too can support these fabulous Alberta businesses.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us serve you!  Anita

Meet The Bessie Team!

Meet Anita, Chris, and Fox! We're so excited to have fresh energy (and new farms!) headed into 2023. Make sure you place an order before the holiday break.

Bessie in 2022: An update from our hiatus

Sorry for our hiatus... As you may have noticed, we've been a bit silent since late last year. During this time, we had to take a step back and understand what was working and what wasn't. We had delivered thousands and thousands of orders to some of Alberta's best customers! Supporting local farmers...

Bessie x Righteous Gelato

Although this limited time offer is over...we're thankful that Righteous Gelato joined the Bessie roster. Founded in 2009, James bought a single scoop shop with only $1800 to his name. Fast forward more than 10 years and a name change, Righteous Gelato has turned into a beloved gelato brand in North...

Bessie's Holiday Gift Guide

Our guide to our favourite holiday gifts from amazing local businesses! Whether you're getting a head start on your holiday shopping or shopping last minute, we love gifting local. Here's what we have on our wish list from our favourite Calgary and Edmonton local businesses!

Sashimi at home

A Bessie favourite has always been our sashimi-grade fish. It makes for easy meals with little to no cook time. Just defrost, slice, and enjoy!Enjoy your ahi tuna, Atlantic salmon, and sockeye salmon as refreshing sashimi, a mouthwatering poke bowl, or delicious sushi.

Yakitori Chicken Thighs with Hung's Noodles

This mouthwatering recipe comes to us from one of Calgary's Finest Walton Chung of Hung's Noodles! We LOVE quick and easy recipes and this chicken yakitori recipe is just that.This yakitori can be cooked using your oven broiler or on the grill. Perfect for any weather! This recipe also features Hung's...

Win a free $125 Bessie Box with Instagram Foodie @_dareats

Daria is an Instagram foodie, full time nurse, cat mama, and Bessie Box fan.Daria definitely find some of the best eats in Calgary and anywhere else she travels too, and we love following along! But finding good eats isn't her only talent, she's also a great cook and baker. In fact,...

Where to find the best Stampede Breakfast

At home with Bessie's Stampede Breakfast, just B.Y.O.E. - Bring Your Own Eggs! Bessie has teamed up with a number of local businesses to bring you a classic Stampede Breakfast in the comfort of your own home. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the Calgary Stampede 2020 was a bust and Stampede...

Wagyu Beef Bars to Keep Your Adventure Going!

Thrive Provisions aims to shift eating habits by influencing better food choices with cutting edge recipes that inspire you to maximize living. This starts with clean, all natural ingredients and food that supports a healthy lifestyle.  Bessie has a team full of climbers, boulderers and adventurers. Fun fact, our marketing lead,...

Alberta's Best Marbled Beef: Brant Lake Wagyu

Brant Lake Cattle is family–owned and operated. The original Wagyu herd was established in 1993. It started with 19 wagyu cows and full blood Wagyu bulls. Since 1993 , the herd has expanded to a Wagyu/Angus cross herd using predominately Black and Red Angus cows and Full blood Wagyu Bulls.

Bessie x Cold Grind Organic

We've added another brand to our line up! Introducing Cold Grind Organic. Founded in 2016 by the Bharthi family in Calgary, Alberta. Cold Grind Organic is an organic spice company that brings the best spices in the world from our farms in India to your table in Canada. All Cold Grind Organic...

Nominate the "Mom" in Your Life

This year has been tough for a lot of people, especially the "mom" in your life. Bessie partnered up with a few local brands to give away a giant prize pack (worth more than $600) filled with goodies that will take care of the mom in your life.

Bessie Box x South Island Pies

A little taste of home Jamie, the founder of South Island Pie Co., left his home in New Zealand for his first overseas trip and headed to Canada...where he fell in love. After he settled in Edmonton with his wife, he realized that there wasn't any meat pies that reminded him...

Tips and Links to Help

In light of the Government of Alberta's announcement last night, here are a few things that may help you. We're all in this together and Bessie will do whatever we can to help support our community.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Generosity and supporting your community comes in forms—give...

In the Kitchen with Former MasterChef Contestant John Leung

Meet John Leung, a former MasterChef Canada contestant, professional cook, and affiliated Twitch streamer. John was on MasterChef Canada's very first season, winning a coveted white apron. Today you'll find John sharing his love of food through his live cooking streams Twitch.  "As a cook that likes the explore the...