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Wagyu Beef Bars to Keep Your Adventure Going!

Thrive Provisions aims to shift eating habits by influencing better food choices with cutting edge recipes that inspire you to maximize living. This starts with clean, all natural ingredients and food that supports a healthy lifestyle.  Bessie has a team full of climbers, boulderers and adventurers. Fun fact, our marketing lead, Tina, was found and recruited at a bouldering wall! We're so excited to be partnering with Thrive Provisions to help them create a community that loves healthy eating and an active lifestyle. The best Alberta beef to support Albertan adventures in the Rockies!

Alberta's Best Marbled Beef: Brant Lake Wagyu

Brant Lake Cattle is family–owned and operated. The original Wagyu herd was established in 1993. It started with 19 wagyu cows and full blood Wagyu bulls. Since 1993 , the herd has expanded to a Wagyu/Angus cross herd using predominately Black and Red Angus cows and Full blood Wagyu Bulls.

Bessie x Cold Grind Organic

We've added another brand to our line up! Introducing Cold Grind Organic. Founded in 2016 by the Bharthi family in Calgary, Alberta. Cold Grind Organic is an organic spice company that brings the best spices in the world from our farms in India to your table in Canada. All Cold Grind Organic...

Nominate the "Mom" in Your Life

This year has been tough for a lot of people, especially the "mom" in your life. Bessie partnered up with a few local brands to give away a giant prize pack (worth more than $600) filled with goodies that will take care of the mom in your life.

Bessie Box x South Island Pies

A little taste of home Jamie, the founder of South Island Pie Co., left his home in New Zealand for his first overseas trip and headed to Canada...where he fell in love. After he settled in Edmonton with his wife, he realized that there wasn't any meat pies that reminded him...

Tips and Links to Help

In light of the Government of Alberta's announcement last night, here are a few things that may help you. We're all in this together and Bessie will do whatever we can to help support our community.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Generosity and supporting your community comes in forms—give...

In the Kitchen with Former MasterChef Contestant John Leung

Meet John Leung, a former MasterChef Canada contestant, professional cook, and affiliated Twitch streamer. John was on MasterChef Canada's very first season, winning a coveted white apron. Today you'll find John sharing his love of food through his live cooking streams Twitch.  "As a cook that likes the explore the...

Unleashing Our Inner Chefs with Bow Valley BBQ

Bessie... But Add a Little ✨ Spice ✨ Bessie has teamed up with Bow Valley BBQ! For a limited time, we will be delivering their award winning Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce and Missing Link Spice Rub with your favourite Bessie meats. And the cherry on top? Bessie Culinary Club members...

EH Farms: Home to Canada's First Red Mangalitsa Pigs

Mangalitsa Pork: The Wagyu Beef of Pork Bessie has been given the unique opportunity to deliver Mangalitsa Pork from EH Farms to you. If you've never had Mangalitsa pork before, don't let this opportunity pass you by! This is the juiciest, most flavourful pork you'll ever have. Don't worry, it's...

Bessie x Annex Ale Project

Beer is back on the menu! We've teamed up with Annex Ale Project to bring their unconventional craft beer straight to your doorstep. WHY ANNEX ALE PROJECT? The Bessie team was introduced to Andew and Erica through our friendship with Euan at Raft Beer Labs. Annex was one of the...

Bessie 2020 Recap

Congratulations! We've graduated from 2020 to 2021... 2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty and unique struggles for the entire world, hitting small businesses hard. We want to start this off by saying thank you to everyone who supported Bessie throughout 2020 💚 We couldn’t have made it through...

Bessie x Polar Park

We are back with another beer partnership that will compliment your Bessie order! We've partnered up with Polar Park in Edmonton. WHY POLAR PARK? Our team first became introduced to Polar Park through the Edmonton Startup Community. After a few conversations with Phil and taste-tests, we knew Polar Park would...

Bessie Celebrates at Launch Party

Launch Party celebrates the best in tech in Calgary by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with investors, other startups and ecosystem builders

Bessie Celebrates at the 2020 Start Alberta Tech Awards

Bessie is proud to be supporting the Start Alberta Tech Awards this year. Start Alberta recognizes and celebrates the hard work put into changing Alberta’s tech and innovation ecosystem. 

Bessie partners with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers

Bessie believes that everyone should have access to healthy food. More than 1 in 10 households in Alberta experience inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints. This can result in an increase in chronic conditions, heart disease and diabetes among adults. By partnering with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers...

An Organic Fit: Calgary Beer and Beef

We're straight bubbly over this news. Bessie and Mill Street are working together to deliver combination meat and beer packs right to your door. Fall is better with beer and beef.