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Bessie Box Mix Family Pack Ribeye Grass-Fed Ground Atlantic Salmon Chicken Breast
Family Size:

The Bessie Family Pack is built for your healthy home. Several food staples to get your family the proteins they need to get moving at work, at school, and out and about. The pack is a mix of naturally-raised Alberta beef and Alberta chicken combined with nutrient-rich salmon and tuna. Conveniently vacuum-sealed, portioned packages that fit your family's needs.

What's inside? (4 person: ~45 portions)
- 4 steaks (combination of NY strip & ribeye, grass-finished)
- 2 lbs of ground beef
- 2 lbs stewing meat
- 2 chicken breast (boneless skinless)
- 4 chicken thighs (bone in, skin on)
- 1 atlantic salmon fillet (sashimi-grade, skin on)
- 4 ahi tuna steak (sashimi-grade)

What's inside? (5 person:): (same as 4 person pack, less stewing meat) +1 steak (NY or ribeye), +1 ahi tuna steak, +1 lb of ground beef, +1 roast +1 chicken breast +4 chicken thighs

What's inside? (6 person): (same as 4 person pack, less stewing meat) +1 wild sockeye fillet +2 steaks, +2 ahi tuna steaks, +2 lbs ground beef, +1 roast, + 1 chicken breast + 4 chicken thighs

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