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Our Story

Connecting over a LOVE for food

Bessie started with inviting friends over to a one bedroom apartment to cook meals together, elbow to elbow. One chat about "where food comes from" turned into another and...

We decided to put down our roots as a farm-to-table grocery service for Albertans by Albertans. Our promise was to be as personable as possible with every customer. Just like ordering food from over the butcher counter. Smiles and love shared from beautiful fields to crowded tables.

The Bessie family has grown our chef skills—plus added rockstar teammates Anita, Chris, and Fox! We knew we needed to tell more food stories that were happening in our own backyard.

Meet The Bessie Team!

Read more about each Bessie teammate at the link below. Each of us have a tasty story or two to share =].

It starts with ONE FARM!

In 2019, Bessie began working with one farmer and created a way for that farmer to get their naturally-raised Alberta beef directly to customers front doors.

Bessie had a handful of committed customers and a small team with big hearts. Our squad delivered orders, answered emails, visited farms, and taste tested EVERYTHING.

We promise it's good. And healthy! Meet our farms below.

Grow More to Help More

Today, Bessie works with multiple local farmers and fishermen to create more options for families when it comes to mealtime. We are honoured to have been a part of dinner time for hundreds of families.

We have big plans for future growth to help support our local farmers and bring more healthy meals to your table.