Bessie Box

Our Story

Bessie makes it easy for people to enjoy high quality beef direct from local farmers. Alberta Beef from Alberta farmers straight to your door.

Most of the exciting moments in our lives involve food: family get-togethers, date nights, BBQ cookouts, and more. We meet together over food to eat and be in community.

The Bessie founders care about food. How we grow it, how we buy it, and how we eat it.

Bessie helps local farmers get their food (and story!) direct to your dinner table.



Pasture-raised on spacious fields and grain-finished on hand-fed local, nutrient-rich barley for a well-marbled texture, followed up by 21-day dry aged tenderness for juicy perfection.


Honest animal care means we raise our animals with respect and love. No short cuts. Raised without antibiotics. Raised without added hormones. No animal byproducts and no GMO in feed. Natural feed how it's supposed to be. Real life sustainability that provides for today and tomorrow.


Premium protein without the premium markup. Each box contains frozen, vac-sealed cuts packed in weather-safe minimal packaging. Delivered to your door. Free delivery! Local made simple.

Food is better together.
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