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Our Story

Reconnecting Over The Love Of Food

One conversation about where food comes from turned into 20. When university friends Alex Leakos, Shanika Abeysinghe and Spencer Kerber realized it was way too hard for natural farmers to compete with grocers and antibiotic and hormone-free meat was just too expensive for the everyday person.

Bessie Box was born in these conversations—the three each to their unique skills to start solving these problems.

In 2019, Bessie Was Born

In 2019, Bessie began working with one farmer and created a way for that farmer to get their naturally-raised Alberta beef directly to customers front doors.

Bessie had a handful of committed customers and a small team with big hearts. Our Bessie Team delivered orders, answered emails and created transparency with farms visits to ensure their ethical and humane practices.

Grow More to Help More

Today, Bessie works with multiple local farmers and fishermen to create more options for families when it comes to mealtime. We are honoured to have been a part of dinner time for hundreds of families.

We have big plans for future growth to help support our local farmers and bring more healthy meals to your table.