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Recipe: Seared Ahi-Tuna with Crispy Sesame Beans

Shona delights tastebuds with this perfectly balanced meal Bessie is supported by many people including the founders' moms. She combined two recipes to come up with the perfect meal for a date night or for a family dinner.

Recipe: Salmon Poke

Micki makes incredible food look easy. Micki sees the value of using natural food for good health. Her and her partner use healthy food as a form of preventative medicine—meat quality is everything. Get a health-packed meal started and finished in minutes, so you can focus on what matters...quality time!

Lil Green Urban Farm

Bessie met Lil Green Urban Farm (Trevor) at a farmer's market and had to try some of their Garlic Salt. Trevor grows organic local produce all year round! He even makes tasty herbs and spices for adding flavour to your dinners.Ask us for some garlic salt! Get your tasty surprise...

Recipe: Korean Beef Patties

Lis from The Subversive Table shares her story and recipe with us.Growing up, Lis's Korean grandmother liked to pan fry little beef patties dipped in egg wash. Filling and tasty, they were a comforting staple at dinnertime that were tucked into lunch boxes the next day. Time to get cooking!

5 recipes to use up leftover roast beef

Cook a roast beef on Sunday, have meals for the week!Ever wonder how you can make leftover roast beef exciting for your tastebuds?We've got you covered! Below are recipes that use leftover roast beef that have been tested by the Bessie Team.

Recipe: Roast Beef

Nervous about a potluck? Roasts are a simple and salivating hit!Bessie Founder Shanika combined a few of her favourite roast beef recipes and came up with—what her friends claim to be—the best roast beef recipe. Her potluck roast went so well that one of her friends stole the leftovers.

Recipe: Sous Vide Rib Steak

Sous Vide! That sounds fancy?Bessie friend Peter uses sous vide to cook his rib steaks to perfection. Check out the tasty tenderness—you will want to try it out!

How to Sous Vide

Sous vide techniques for cooking with and without equipment. How do you like your steaks?We like them juicy and melt-in-your-mouth tender—and cooking with sous vide (pronounced sue veed) is the best way to cook your desired steak. Now, many home cooks are trying the technique.

Dry-Aged vs. Wet-Aged. What's the Beef?

"Dry-aged" beef and "wet-aged" beef are terms used by our favourite restaurants and grocers. Does aging beef impact taste? It might take a taste test...but don't take our word for it. Give it a try today!