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An Interview with Victoria Smith from Stress Less Ladies

A recovering stress-aholic, Victoria had shingles twice before the age of 30. Sadly this is becoming the new normal for our stressed-out society, but it fuelled Victoria to figure out a way to live a less stressful life. Once she was on the other side of her own journey, Victoria...

An Interview with Tyeesha Street from Civic Styles

In 2018, Tyeesha set out to better understand the fashion industry, and it became the most gratifying and worthwhile choices she has made. After an eye-opening trip to South-East Asia, her global views started to become considerably more significant. Her goal after coming home, was to put her thinking into...

An Interview with Micki Chau from The Olfactory Shop

As I ventured down the entrepreneurial path, Micki was the first woman I talked to about running a business and the struggles about customer acquisition, social media and everything in between. Conscientious, strong-willed and kind, she has taken me under her wing and is always willing to pick up the...

An Interview with Jessica Painter from In Her Circle

Jessica Painter is the founder of In Her Circle, a judgement-free community. Originally from Southern California, she came to Canada for love and after, experiencing severe loneliness, she found her purpose: to help other women who were struggling with loneliness create authentic friendships. Through events like bracelet making, yoga and...

Thoughts on Canada's Agriculture Day

Bessie works with farms—and we love our suppliers—and because of that we want to go deeper than sharing “Thank a Farmer” memes. Agriculture is a tough industry and is too often associated with manual labour. The true story is much grander.

7 Films for Foodies

When you think about your favourite films, what do you remember? The setting? The actors? The soundtrack? For me, it's the food. I find that food can be as important as the characters and can add to the plot. I hope that this list inspires you to cook something different or that you...

Bessie was featured on the Ideas and Stuff Podcast!

Episode 086: Spencer Kerber & Shanika Abeysinghe We talked to Calgary business owner, Michael Montgomery about food, farmers, and how Bessie was started. Ideas and Stuff podcast Episode 86 features Bessie founders Spencer Kerber & Shanika Abeysinghe "Bessie has to compete with the biggest companies in the entire world." Listen to the rest...

Bessie's First Year

The meals we eat are less important than the people we eat them with. As we look back on 2019, we can’t believe how lucky we are! We feel like we’ve found the needle in the haystack—again and again—every time we’re able to deliver great tasting, healthy food to your...

10 Books that Inspired Bessie in 2019

Between meetings and after work, you can find us reading everything about meat and seafood. No one from the Bessie team has a food background but, every member has a hunger to learn and grow.  Each of the following books has inspired us to cook interesting cuts, understand sustainable practices and...

Experiment: Cooking Frozen Steak

Is it possible to cook a frozen steak? Inspired by America's Test Kitchen, Bessie investigates.

20 Things We Learned from Junction

Platform Calgary provides access to education, coaching and connections that help people gain the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to thrive in the new economy, helping startups grow and scale. When we joined Junction, we had no idea what to expect. Nine-weeks, two pitches and tons of work later, we...

BottomLine asks Bessie founders what's for dinner? And more!

We chatted with BottomLine about how a small player like Bessie can compete in the big market of food. "Knowing your customer, doing the customer discovery, and just talking to your customers…it’s such a simple thing, but knowing their pain points and what they like has been our biggest lesson."...

Bessie given a platform in Community Now

Calgary is a place where community matters. Platform Calgary is dedicated to helping startups like us diversify and grow Calgary's economy. Community Now introduces Bessie (and other Platform Calgary startups) with their latest issue.

LOVEYYC Day—Bessie's fav Calgary things

Our local YYC favs on LOVEYYC day. Discount alert! The Bessie team love spending our time (and $ hehe!) at local Calgary attractions! Read below for each of our Bessie team member's local YYC favs.

Business-ing Small, Winning Big

The truth is small businesses have it tough. Amazon and Wal-Mart make it hard to compete for the masses...but the personal love and care that Bessie (and others) pack into our product is worth it! Ask Bessie for a surprise. We'll get you one.

Happy Thanksgiving from Bessie

As we reflected on the last few months—the late nights, the early mornings, the mistakes and the wins—we couldn't help but feel grateful to have someone like you in our corner. Together, we are building a community that shares love and memories over food.⁣⁣