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Posts tagged: News

What does supporting local mean to me?

Hi everyone! Anita here with my first blog post for Bessie Box!  Just wanted to share a few reasons I love shopping local and what kind of impact I believe it has on our community. I'm a big believer in supporting small Alberta business, whether it's the local bakery, small restaurants, farmers markets showcasing amazing fresh products, or online shopping stores like Bessie Box.   Growing up on a farm in Saskatchewan really set the stage for me on what supporting community means. It meant that you got your farm eggs from one neighbor, an ice cream pail of fresh raw honey, or a cow or pig to butcher from another and so on! It was a rare treat for us to go to the city and we never grocery shopped there. We relied on the local butcher, grocery stores or neighbors for everything.   Supporting local means that you care about the people and the community that you live in. By buying local you are putting money back into the community that you live in and letting an amazing person(s) flourish doing something that is their passion!  Local businesses put their heart into their products and showcase such unique and quality products and it shows.    What other ways can you support local? Buy gift cards as a gift or keep it for a later date! Explore new local markets and businesses in your neighborhoods. Leave positive reviews- if you've enjoyed a product or had a great experience leave a review! Share with friends - word of mouth is a powerful thing! We'd love to hear your ideas on what you would like to see more of from us! Send us an email and let us know how we are doing and if there is something more you would like to see! Leave us a google review!   We hope that you see the passion our team at Bessie Box shows for finding quality products for you to try at home. We hope by us showcasing these products and sending you samples from some of our favorite places, you too can support these fabulous Alberta businesses.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us serve you!  Anita

Meet The Bessie Team!

Meet Anita, Chris, and Fox! We're so excited to have fresh energy (and new farms!) headed into 2023. Make sure you place an order before the holiday break.

Win a free $125 Bessie Box with Instagram Foodie @_dareats

Daria is an Instagram foodie, full time nurse, cat mama, and Bessie Box fan.Daria definitely find some of the best eats in Calgary and anywhere else she travels too, and we love following along! But finding good eats isn't her only talent, she's also a great cook and baker. In fact,...

Bessie Box x South Island Pies

A little taste of home Jamie, the founder of South Island Pie Co., left his home in New Zealand for his first overseas trip and headed to Canada...where he fell in love. After he settled in Edmonton with his wife, he realized that there wasn't any meat pies that reminded him...

Tips and Links to Help

In light of the Government of Alberta's announcement last night, here are a few things that may help you. We're all in this together and Bessie will do whatever we can to help support our community.  Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Generosity and supporting your community comes in forms—give...

Unleashing Our Inner Chefs with Bow Valley BBQ

Bessie... But Add a Little ✨ Spice ✨ Bessie has teamed up with Bow Valley BBQ! For a limited time, we will be delivering their award winning Blueberry Merlot Steak Sauce and Missing Link Spice Rub with your favourite Bessie meats. And the cherry on top? Bessie Culinary Club members...

Bessie x Annex Ale Project

Beer is back on the menu! We've teamed up with Annex Ale Project to bring their unconventional craft beer straight to your doorstep. WHY ANNEX ALE PROJECT? The Bessie team was introduced to Andew and Erica through our friendship with Euan at Raft Beer Labs. Annex was one of the...

Bessie 2020 Recap

Congratulations! We've graduated from 2020 to 2021... 2020 has been a year filled with uncertainty and unique struggles for the entire world, hitting small businesses hard. We want to start this off by saying thank you to everyone who supported Bessie throughout 2020 💚 We couldn’t have made it through...

Bessie Celebrates at Launch Party

Launch Party celebrates the best in tech in Calgary by creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with investors, other startups and ecosystem builders

Bessie Celebrates at the 2020 Start Alberta Tech Awards

Bessie is proud to be supporting the Start Alberta Tech Awards this year. Start Alberta recognizes and celebrates the hard work put into changing Alberta’s tech and innovation ecosystem. 

Bessie partners with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers

Bessie believes that everyone should have access to healthy food. More than 1 in 10 households in Alberta experience inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints. This can result in an increase in chronic conditions, heart disease and diabetes among adults. By partnering with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers...

An Organic Fit: Calgary Beer and Beef

We're straight bubbly over this news. Bessie and Mill Street are working together to deliver combination meat and beer packs right to your door. Fall is better with beer and beef.

Edmonton, Bessie is Here.

After a year of providing Calgarians with sustainable meat and seafood, we’re expanding our operations into Edmonton! It’s always been our plan to grow within the province first, and source from farmers close our distribution centres, and we’re so excited that Edmonton is our next step towards making local food...

Bessie Turns One

Our first year was eye-opening for our young team. We made it through the joy of building something, the frustration of slow progress, and the challenge of a tragic pandemic. We ate a lot, cried a bit, and shared some food.

Beef and COVID: Should you be worried?

Over the last few weeks, several meat processing plants in Canada have been impacted by COVID-19.  Here’s what you need to know: What's happening? Cargill Meat Solutions in High River has confirmed 38 staff members have been infected with COVID-19. Updated (18/04/2020): according to CBC, 358 COVID-19 cases are linked...

Thoughts on Canada's Agriculture Day

Bessie works with farms—and we love our suppliers—and because of that we want to go deeper than sharing “Thank a Farmer” memes. Agriculture is a tough industry and is too often associated with manual labour. The true story is much grander.