Calgary Mayor Nenshi and Team Bessie Box at Small Business Week

LOVEYYC Day—Bessie's fav Calgary things

Our local YYC favs on LOVEYYC day.

Discount Alert (11/2/19): Bessie—and many other local businesses—have special discounts available for Calgarians on the City of Calgary's #LOVEYYC website.

The Bessie team love spending our time (and $ hehe!) at local Calgary attractions! Read below for each of our Bessie team member's local YYC favs.

Calgary Mayor Nenshi and Team Bessie Box at Small Business Week
Nenshi at the Small Business Awards: "Bessie are real passionate entrepreneurs...they started guerrilla marketing meat from a shopping cart!"


"It's the perfect place to get away from the busy streets of Inglewood. I take every person I care about there. Not only does it have the most amazing view of the city, but there are beautiful exhibitions that you won't see anywhere else in YYC (+ it's free)! I go alone sometimes, just to hang out and read."

The best part: running into someone who you haven't seen in awhile and bonding over art.

Esker Foundation
Esker foundation has beautiful walls and art and walls that are art!


"Is there a better tasting coffee or better designed storefront in Calgary? In the world? Monogram is a coffee lover's destination. I find reasons to come here for meetings, morning reads, and even laptop work sessions."

The best part: Not having to wear headphones because the music is perfect. Or the cups. Definitely the cups.

Monogram Coffee
Monogram Coffee inspires wonder and warmth in more ways than one!


"I go to the new Central Public Library with my partner Jen to volunteer (helping struggling readers) and attend events (so many interesting speakers). I sneak away during hectic work days to lunch and browse books for half an hour. And as a forever-learner, I study and spend the day prepping for tests. It really has everything I look for in a healthy community. Plus it's visually stunning."

The best part: giving back! The Library offers so many services that help different people across the community.

Central Calgary Public Library
We pine for all of the new Calgary Public Library's secret gems! (image: Morgan Kerber)


"Maybe the best cuisines in the world...together! Stomach filling Italian carbs with sharp Japanese taste concoctions, all whipped up by Chef Toshi into delectable plates that you can't help but share. Cozy tables and a semi-exposed kitchen offer a bustling dining experience, but with a secretly great ambience for those special dates and occasions."

The best part: The truffle oil ramen broth with gnocchi bundles of joy and added foie gras! To die for!

Carino Riserva
Carino (and chef Toshi!) connect Italy and Japan in a way that an airplane never could!

Calgary rocks! Send us your local YYC favs via social media or the website chat! 

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