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20 Things We Learned from Junction

Bessie survived Platform Calgary's accelerator, and here's what we learned. 

Platform Calgary provides access to education, coaching and connections that help people gain the entrepreneurial and technical skills needed to thrive in the new economy, helping startups grow and scale. When we joined Junction, we had no idea what to expect. Nine-weeks, plenty of pitches and tons of work later, we can honestly say it's one of the best things we did for Bessie.

platform calgary junction program cohort 3
Platform Calgary's Junction Cohort 3 on our last day! (Platform Calgary)

Here's a little bit of what we learned:

    1. You are going to make mistakes.
    2. Your customers are everything. Listen to them and you will understand how you can make their experience with your company the best experience they have.
    3. Building a Business Model Canvas/Value Proposition Canvas can be tedious but it is so important.
    4. Always. Have. Post-its.
    5. It's better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.
    6. When people ask for feedback—take the time to provide insightful feedback.
    7. You can disagree with anyone but, make sure you listen and are respectful.
    8. Have a lean business.
    9. Follow up with every person that gives you a business card.
    10. Ask questions about everything from everyone.
    11. Your entire team should have their own pitch.
    12. You may become good friends with the people in your cohort 
    13. Understand your sales cycle.
    14. Sometimes, simple is better.
    15. It's okay to take a break.
    16. Take advantage of everything that is free (if it's on strategy!)
    17. Entrepreneurship doesn't have to be lonely.
    18. Teamwork really does make the dream work.
    19. Calgary has a small entrepreneurial/start-up community and everyone is willing to help—so ask for it!
    20. The Platform advisors want to see you win. (A special shoutout to our advisor Saadia!)

Junction is looking for startups to join their next cohort: Apply here | Deadline: August 9 2020.
Curious about the businesses in our cohort? Check them out! Ammolite Biomodels, CostCertified, DESTINE Health, Hub Orgs, iWareTravel, One Budd, OYO Cater, Post Game, Rambody and Ulivit