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Business-ing Small, Winning Big

You deserve small surprises. Preferably cute ones.

The truth is small businesses have it tough. Amazon and Wal-Mart make it hard to compete for the masses...but the personal love and care that Bessie (and others) pack into our product is worth it! Ask Bessie for a surprise. We'll get you one.

Bessie moped delivery illustration by jordan awan
Small business Bessie's new small team member Millie!

Bessie team member's are handing out surprise spice packs (and more!) to anyone who wants or needs some flavour added to their day. Just ask us. =).

Read and Taste more:
Surprise Spices |  This month's spice is from Lil Green Urban Farm
Recipes |  Korean Beef Patties (aka donguerang ddeng)
[Giveaway details: all giveaways are subject to Bessie's Terms of Service. Winners of giveaways must be residents of Alberta (Calgary & Area).]