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Bessie Newsletter

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Bessie's COVID Update

In light of the Government of Alberta's most recent update, we wanted to give you some insight into how Bessie is operating through the pandemic. Our Staff Bessie's staff continue to adhere to a strict COVID-19 Policy that not only protects Bessie's customers, but also protects the greater Bessie family and supported farm communities. Our Bessie team feels it's important to demonstrate and role model respect for individual and societal health during this challenging time.

Bessie News | April 21, 2020

You probably noticed but we’ve been adding extra items “to share” to every package lately. We know times are tough right now, and people are worried about their loved ones. We've been getting texts and emails from you telling us how you shared food with the people in your life....

Bessie News | April 14, 2020

We’ve got incredible people in Calgary. Here are a few organizations and stories that warmed out hearts: Leftovers redirected nearly 22,000 pounds of food from restaurants to nonprofits that support vulnerable populations in Calgary and Edmonton. The team at Youth Centres of Calgary are providing free bagged lunches for all kids...

Bessie News | March 27, 2020

We know you’ve been bombarded with emails, tweets and news articles about how you can support local businesses during the uncertainty we are facing over the next few weeks. Our take is a little different.

Bessie News | March 20, 2020

While you're home and life feels a little chaotic, I hope you find joy and peace in cooking and sharing a meal together—whether you're sharing it physically or digitally.  From left to right: my cousin Dylan, me, my mom and my cousin Natasha celebrating my first birthday. Clearly, I was very happy about...

Bessie News | March 17, 2020

As we mentioned last week, we are adding one extra package of ground beef in every order for you to share with someone who may need it. Here's how you can share food safely: Make sure the person knows you are planning to drop off food. Either text, call, or—our personal...

Bessie News | March 13, 2020

Updates from us If you have an upcoming delivery and are isolating/concerned, please respond to your delivery confirmation text message to request “NO CONTACT” delivery (we will leave the package on your doorstep and call/text you when it's been delivered). We have been getting questions about whether the virus impacts...