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Bessie's COVID Update

In light of the Government of Alberta's most recent update, we wanted to give you some insight into how Bessie is operating through the pandemic. Our Staff Bessie's staff continue to adhere to a strict COVID-19 Policy that not only protects Bessie's customers, but also protects the greater Bessie family and supported farm communities. Our Bessie team feels it's important to demonstrate and role model respect for individual and societal health during this challenging time.

Safe Operations

Bessie drivers follow strict contactless guidelines for all deliveries. Masks and distancing measures are mandatory for the Bessie team during the limited periods where we must work together in person. While the CDC has stated that there is no evidence to support transmission of COVID-19 associated with food, and very low risk of spread from food products or packaging, Bessie continues to monitor for any new cases and will update Bessie customers in the interest of transparency. While these disclosures are not required, we feel this is the right thing to do for our team members and our customers. We have also developed a response protocol that is to be put into action immediately anytime we become aware of a team member’s potential for a positive diagnosis. As of November 25, no Bessie staff members have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Supply Disruptions

Bessie and our farmers have experienced operational pains during the COVID-19 pandemic. Avoiding disruption to harvesting, processing, and distribution has been near impossible. We may from time to time have to delay order deliveries due to lack of product (or substitutions). Bessie will communicate through these disruptions as best as possible.

Atlantic Salmon Sources

Atlantic Salmon harvesters (BAP and ASC sustainable certifications) along the west and east coasts of Canada are suffering from severe supply chain and production problems. Bessie has temporarily sourced ethical (BAP and ASC sustainable certifications) Atlantic Salmon from harvesters in Chile for the immediate next couple weeks. We are working with several seafood harvesters to get more supply of salmon from Canadian harvesters. We will update our customers as soon as this is possible. We are always happy to substitute any Atlantic Salmon in upcoming orders with Sockeye Salmon (wild caught and MSC sustainable certifications) as requested.

Beef Processing Delays

Access to beef processing and butchering capacity in our province is difficult enough during normal times. Bessie has been working with our network of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished cattle ranchers to make sure that we never run low on naturally-raised Alberta Beef. We have started offering new beef cuts—like Rib, Picanha, Flat Irons, Petite Tenders, Chuck Eye, Stir Fry, and more—to make sure that we don't run low on the best that our farmers have to offer. This is super exciting for us because it means new delicious meals to try out! Ask us for recipes if you have any questions about these new and exciting cuts. Please remember that Bessie DOES NOT work with factory farm meat multinational companies like Cargill, JBS, and Tyson.

Bessie and You

Our hearts are open and we are working with intention. Our team is committed to providing the best service for you, our suppliers and partners daily. Any piece of feedback we receive, results in changes to Bessie's process so we can support Strong Farms, create Connected Communities and support Healthy Families.

You aren't alone and we are hear to listen. As this situation evolves in the coming weeks, we will continue to send updates. Please contact us with questions or just to chat.

Stay healthy and stay safe,
Alex, Shanika & Spencer

Please note: 1 lb. of meat will donated to the Calgary Drop In Centre or the Leftovers Foundation YEG for every order for the remainder of 2020 to help tackle food insecurity in Alberta.