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An Organic Fit: Calgary Beer and Beef

Mill Street Brewery and Bessie team up! 🍻

We're straight bubbly over this news. Bessie and Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub are working together to deliver combination meat and beer packs right to your door. Fall is better with beer and beef!

Bessie now delivers local beer!

This isn't a normal thing. We don't make beer. We never will...maybe. But we are trying out pairing some tasty beer with Bessie's Alberta meat and healthy seafood.

Why Mill Street?

warren mill street

Bessie's founder Spencer is great friends with Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub brewer Warren; they go back to school days! Both of them used to work in rural Alberta together in process engineering. Weirdly we both switched careers from working in oil to working in food! What a better way to work together again than teaming up Mill Street and Bessie.

Warren has recently finished brewing 4 beers just for Calgary—in fact the only way to get them is visit Mill Street on 17th Ave or to order them from Bessie.

 "With beer there's just a lot more connections with small and independent businesses and restaurants. These relationships feel close and important in a way big industry businesses just can't." - Warren Reyes Brewer

Why brew natural beer?

Great farmers take all aspects of the system into consideration—the soil, the water sources, the plants, the animals, the farming families, the community, the local economy, and the environment. Keeping farming, food, and beer natural and healthy is in the long-term best interest of all of us.

The idea of natural is not one big idea, it is thousands of small-scale ideas involving a lot of people who have the best interest of more than themselves at heart. It is about giving more than you take.

One big sustainable loop

Mill Street Grains

By working with Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub, Bessie is able to complete an almost full loop. What does this mean? Farmers raise grain and grass. Bessie's cattle eat a lot of grass (100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished) and Mill Street Calgary's beer requires a lot of grain. Once the beer is brewed and the grains are "spent" they are recycled as a fertilizer/substrate for growing mushrooms! Our farmer Ceres's Béchamel sauce originates from recycled brewery grains!

Bessie proud to continue to lower the environmental impact of our business and help all of our customers make more sustainable choices.

Tell me about the beer!

 mill street beers gold yeller c of haze pursuit pilsner

C of Haze

The Saddledome has a "Test Kitchen" where they test out local breweries for their fans by pairing a dish with a beer. This beer was paired with a meal during Flames games last season. This is Warren's fav!

Gold Yeller

The Sheepdogs (the band!) came to the brewery to make a beer! The Gold Yeller is what came out of that experiment—which they then of course brought with them to their show at the Palace later that night!

Honest Bucker

The first original recipe from Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub. Award winning when Benny made it in 2017 and stays true to this day.

Pursuit Pilsner

Yeast was on it's way (and late) from Fedex to the brew pub. Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub had already started the brewing process and was running out of time. The team left the brewery and sprinted around downtown Calgary chasing down Fedex trucks trying to find the one that had their yeast on it! Eventually they got it, and the unique flavour from the yeast timing is now represented by the colourful label (Fedex purple, green, and orange).

Buy it here

Please note: Mill Street Calgary Brew Pub are only available to Calgary and Area deliveries. Edmonton, we are working on something for you too!