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Tips and Links to Help

In light of the Government of Alberta's announcement last night, here are a few things that may help you.

Individual Financial Support

Business Financial Support

Mental Health Support

Updates on Alberta's COVID Response

Alberta's Vaccine Program

    How You Can Help:

    • Restaurants - order pick up! It's been in the news a lot but, delivery services cut into the slim amount restaurants take home at the end of the day.
    • Give to local food banks - food banks are still dealing with an influx of people needing their services and with the inflated cost of food right now, we don't see that number dropping any time soon.
    • Donate to school boards - depending on the area, students still may not have access to a laptop to support online school. 

    Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Generosity and supporting your community comes in forms—give only what you can.

     What We Are Doing:

    • Adding more local brands. So far, we have added Bow Valley BBQ, Annex Ale Project, Polar Park and Highfield by WineCollective. We will be adding Cold Grind Organic and Southland Pies very soon.
    • Adding more farms. We have been sourcing different cuts from new farms: EH Farms (mangalista pork), CJ Pork (bone-in ham) and Gemstones (sirloin steaks) to help them move more food. Many farms lost a place to sell to with the closures of restaurants and Bessie customers have provide much-needed support that will keep our local farms stable through this tough time - thank you!
    • We launched an organization with our friends at Raft Brew Labs, Annex Ale Project, Polar Park, XhAle Brew Co. to advocate for harm reduction services in Alberta. Check out Each+Every!

    What You Can Do For You:

    • Make self-care a priority. Whether it's playing with your kids, finishing work at 6 p.m. every day or eating whatever you want; do whatever makes you feel good. It's okay if you didn't start a business, become an all-star at a new hobby and if you didn't workout every day over the last year. None of us have been through this before and there is no wrong way to take care of yourself. So again, be kind to yourself and where you are at.