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Bessie partners with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers

Bessie partners with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and the Leftovers Foundation to tackle food insecurity through the holiday season. 

Food Insecurity In Alberta

Bessie believes that everyone should have access to healthy food. More than 1 in 10 households in Alberta experience inadequate or insecure access to food due to financial constraints. This can result in an increase in chronic conditions, heart disease and diabetes among adults. By partnering with the Calgary Drop-In Centre and Leftovers Foundation, Bessie hopes to tackle this issue head-on.

Why the Calgary Drop-In Centre

Believe it or not, the Calgary Drop-In Centre is Shanika (one of Bessie’s founders) old employer! Over the last few years, the Calgary Drop-In Centre has transformed and it is leading the nation with it’s housing program. Even through COVID, the Calgary Drop-In Centre moved hundreds of vulnerable people into affordable housing. Bessie customers have already donated meat to the Calgary-Drop In Centre’s community members and we hope to continue supporting them! 

Leftovers Logo

Why the Leftovers Foundation

It was important for Bessie to find a partner in Edmonton that would be the perfect fit. Leftovers was that perfect fit! Leftovers diverts food to organizations that support vulernable people. Currently, Leftovers re-directs 6,000 pounds of food every week and operates in Edmonton, Calgary and Winnipeg. Leftovers team is changing the food system by reducing food and providing a much needed service—Bessie is excited to support their cause!

Bessie Box
How to Help

  1. Find a box you love and place your order.
  2. You or your box receiver will get a text scheduling the next available delivery date.

  3. Enjoy! Our team only does contactless deliveries and we are tracking to make sure items are donated to the organizations.So far, Bessie customers have donated more than 30 lbs.


Thanks for making our community stronger—together, we can do anything!