Bessie Box x South Island Pies

Bessie Box x South Island Pies

We've been chopping at the bit to find a way to collaborate with our partners and friends at Uproot Food Collective/South Island Pie and we finally found a yummy way.

A little taste of home

Jamie, the founder of South Island Pie Co., left his home in New Zealand for his first overseas trip and headed to Canada...where he fell in love. After he settled in Edmonton with his wife, he realized that there wasn't any meat pies that reminded him of home. So, he decided to take on the challenge himself.
After years of making down-under-style meat pies for friends and family and fine tuning his recipes, the South Island Pie Co. came to life. You can now get his little piece of New Zealand through Bessie's friends Uproot Food Collective...and Bessie Box!

Alberta food companies sticking together

The Bessie Team has found a home with Uproot Food Collective and we've been working side-by-side to grow our startups for the last year. We've learned so many things from Uproot, have enjoyed the brands they produce and have found small ways to support each other. It was just a matter of time before we did something even bigger together.

Introducing: In House Smoked Wild Sockeye Salmon Pie

southland pie
Using Bessie's wild caught sockeye salmon, Jamie went back into the kitchen to come up with a limited run of specialty pies. He smoked the sockeye in-house, topped it with cream cheese, capers, dill and a touch of pepper. After our team had one bite, we knew we had to bring it Bessie customers.

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