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High River Chicken

High River Chicken has been providing top quality poultry products to the Foothills area for many years. Their farming practices have consistently delivered healthy and delicious chicken farm-to-fork.

In 2018, HRC took the initiative to construct the newest in enriched animal housing and received their certified Raised with Antibiotics accreditation. The launched a new era of higher-level of sustainable flock raising, care and production practices.

HRC’s flocks are raised right – to meet and exceed sustainability, environmental and community guidelines. HRC is a proud, approved Canadian Chicken Farmer.

The extensive HRC efforts for on-site animal housing, integrated production and processing practices as well as their efforts to source independent auditor certification, promises a higher level of animal welfare, safety and quality principles and ensures they are upheld throughout the entire production chain.

Raised without Antibiotics, Raised without Hormones, Veggie Diets.