Twin Oaks Bacon and Pork farmers

Twin Oaks

Bessie works with Twin Oaks Pork (located in Lougheed, AB). 

Twin Oak Farms, established in 1905, has grown and evolved over the years to include a little bit of everything. They farm approximately 3700 acres of cropland, growing wheat, barley, oats, canola and alfalfa, as well as custom farming roughly 2000 more acres for others. Twin Oaks follows the old philosophy of “learn to do by doing”. They strongly believe their kids will benefit greatly by learning how to do chores and having the responsibility of looking after animals.

In the past couple years, Twin Oaks started working to create the optimal recipe to dry cure and process their own bacon. After a lot of trial and error, and some fine-tuning, they finally accomplished the ideal recipe. They began sharing with friends and family and the feedback was incredible. Everyone just kept coming back for more. Twin Oaks has something special, something that would not only keep them busy during the pandemic, but something that they actually enjoyed and loved to do for a lifetime.

Raised without Hormones, Grass-fed, Raised without Antibiotics.


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