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Drizzle Honey

Bessie works with Drizzle Honey (located in Calgary, AB). 

Drizzle Honey started as a one environmental scientist Aja, working in urban agriculture research. She was assigned a rooftop beekeeping project for harvesting culinary honey. This blossomed into a lifelong love affair with bees!

Aja became obsessed! Becoming a backyard beekeeper, she invested in hives, harvested honey herself, poured it into jars—until her fingers were sore—and sold them at artisanal local markets. A twist later occurred—including a bee allergy eek! But Aja pushed past it to today. Now Drizzle partners with many local beekeepers and has grown the business way further than she could on her own! Drizzle Honey is now a national favourite.

100% Raw, All Natural, Allergen Free.