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Gemstone Farm

Located in Gem, Alberta, Gemstones is a fourth generation family farm. The great grandparents immigrated here from Europe and the farm has grown and changed a lot since then, but Gemstones’ still relies on hard work, cooperation and integrity to be able to get the work done and get along! The entire family works on the farm: Lorin and Katie with their kids Lucy, Josie, and Norah; Daniel and Kimberly with their kids Gradey, Kyleah, and Bowden; and Barry and Karla and their son Jake.

Gemstones practices regenerative farming.

Regenerative farming is a set of farming and grazing practices that increase biodiversity and build soil organic matter. Why? Healthy soil is the foundation for healthy food. They grow a variety of plants on their pastures and use rotational grazing. This means the cattle are moved into new grass every day to ensure they are always eating the most nutritious grass and never overgrazing. In fact, this grazing method actually increases plant growth and photosynthesis causing atmospheric carbon to be stored in the soil. The best part is, these methods produce high quality, nutritionally dense, flavourful beef.  

“We love life on the farm. Alberta's big blue skies and spectacular sunsets are a reminder of how lucky we are to live and work on the land. Alberta is beef country and we love raising grass-fed beef. But that wouldn't mean much without the many Albertans that support us by choosing to feed their families with nutritious local beef.”


Raised without Antibiotics, Grass Fed, Raised without Hormones.