Nominate the "Mom" in Your Life

Nominate the "Mom" in Your Life

This year has been tough for a lot of people, especially the "mom" in your life.

Bessie partnered up with a few local brands to give away a giant prize pack (worth more than $600) filled with goodies that will take care of the mom in your life.

Please note: this contest is open to anyone you consider the "mom" in your life. This includes aunts, friends, grandmas, sisters etc.

What's Inside? 

The fine print: No purchase necessary to win. Purchase or payment of any kind will not increase your odds of winning. Nominee must live in Calgary, Edmonton or their surrounding area. Entries close at 11:00AM on May 6th, the prize pack will be delivered on May 8th. The winner will be contacted via email and/or phone call. The winner must respond by Midnight on May 6th or a new winner will be chosen.

This giveaway is now closed and a special mom has been selected for this extra special Mother's Day gift! You can still spoil mom with local goodies though! Here are some specials that our partners have provided to help you spoil her:

  • Happy Fats - Use code: LOVEMOM for 10% off
  • Thrive Provisions - Use code: THRIVE2020 for 20% off
  • Rviita - Use code: BESSIE for 20% off
  • In Her Circle - 20% of all proceeds from January goes to the Journey House

About The Brands

Annex Ale Project

annex ale

Annex Ale Project was founded by Andrew Bullied and Erica O’Gorman in 2015. They brew unconventional craft beers creating a unique variety in their tap-room. In addition to craft beers they also offer craft sodas, making Annex enjoyable for the entire family. Annex Ale aims to be fearless in their experimentation with their brews and bringing new experiences to the craft beer community. Annex Ale Project strives to be the leaders in the craft brewing community by making tiny changes for the betterment of the people they serve.

Bow Valley BBQ

bow valley bbq

Founder, Jamie Ayles, and Head of Product Development, Chris Dean, pride themselves on creating restaurant quality products. Their culinary backgrounds as executive chefs in the Bow Valley and abroad granted them the ability to create the exceptional flavours Bow Valley BBQ is internationally acclaimed for today. Bow Valley BBQ is dedicated to using REAL ingredients, keeping things simple and maintaining the highest standard of products. Mad love and respect for food and restaurant quality creation is what drives Bow Valley BBQ to stand out from the competition. The company pushes the limits while still maintaining familiarity, allowing for the expansion of recipes and elevation of food. Bow Valley BBQ is proud to encourage others to become creators in their kitchens, whether you're a microwave dinner connoisseur or master chef in training.

Cold Grind Organic

cold grind

Cold Grind Organic is a subsidiary of Ganesha Foods founded in 2016 by the Bharthi family in Calgary, Alberta. Cold Grind Organic is an organic spice company that brings the best spices in the world from our farms in India to your table in Canada. All Cold Grind Organic spices are grown, harvested, sun-dried and blended in India, and then cold-ground – a rare process that preserves close to 100 percent of the essential oils, resulting in our products' incredible aromatics and flavours. The company was founded on the principle that wanted to work directly with the farmers who grow the products and control every aspect of production and shipping to ensure the highest quality spices possible.

Drizzle Honey


In 2014, Aja Horsley was working as an urban agriculture researcher and led sustainable rooftop beekeeping projects for culinary honey.Through these projects, she learned all about beekeeping, the honey industry and why it is so important to support local farmers and entrepreneurs. Doing this opened her eyes to how resilient, hardworking, caring and adorable honey bees are, as well as all the terrible things happening in the modern honey industry. She learned that honey was being adulterated, that beekeepers were struggling to maintain work due to imported honey products and of course that bee populations drastically declining. She saw a huge gap in the market for a beautiful brand that showcased the unique qualities of REAL raw honey while also being bee-friendly and 100% in support of Canadian beekeepers – so she started Drizzle!

Happy Fats

happy fats

Bonnie Power Vandersteen needed to find a satisfying, nourishing and easy snack for outdoor adventures, rush-hour traffic commutes, bagged lunches and so on. The snack had to be tasty in any weather conditions, sustainably-sourced, light, convenient and last for up to six months. Well, she made it! And we are excited to share it with you. It’s gluten-free, paleo, keto, and vegan but more importantly, it’s delicious. Even kids love it.

In Her Circle

in her circle

Founded by Jessica Painter when she moved to Calgary and had a hard time making meaningful friendships, In Her Circle, welcomes all women who are looking to create genuine, authentic friendships through social gatherings and workshops. With In Her Circle events, women can engage in various activities ranging from yoga classes, bracelet making, and personal development workshops to help women reconnect with themselves and discover more happiness in life. 

The Olfactory Shop

the olfactory shop

The Olfactory Shop was born out of Micki Chau's desire to support people in detoxing their life of synthetic fragrances. Everyone deserves to know exactly what goes into the products that we use; not only on our body, but in the air we breathe. That's being your own health advocate. That's why The Olfactory is relentlessly natural. The Olfactory Shop is committed to low-waste packaging and donates 3% of every purchase to landmine-removal in Cambodia.

Polar Park

polar park

Polar Park beers tell the story of the original Polar Park, also known as the Alberta Game Farm. The 500-hectare facility first opened in 1958 by Al Oeming, Robert's grandfather, and was home to 800 species and 3000 animals drawing thousands of visitors a day. Although animals living in captivity is not something that we support, Al was an early conservationist who shared his love for animals with millions of Canadians over the years. The memories made during the glory days of Polar Park are still talked about today. 

Polar Park uses a 4-vessel 1938 Copper German Brewhaus. Having a 4-vessel system allows Polar Park to brew multiple batches in a day with relative ease. Most brewhauses today have a 2 or 3-vessel system where they combine the Mash/Lauter Tun & Brew Kettle/ Whirlpool Vessel, a 4-vessel brewhaus allows you to have one vessel for each step. Once one step is complete, Polar Park can go ahead and begin again with another batch of beer, not having to wait until an additional step is completed. Although they purchased the Copper Brewhaus primarily for its physical appearance, they believe the cast iron kettle adds a little extra flavour to Polar Park beers as well. 

Peaks & Prairies 

peaks and prairies

Blending Delia Reboh's art with her insatiable love for the outdoors, Peaks & Prairies jewellery was born. She wanted to pay homage to the place that has provided her with endless inspiration by donating 10% of the proceeds from every sale back to the Nature Conservancy of Canada. Each unique piece is carefully handcrafted in solid sterling silver and 14 Karat gold. 



Rviita’s humble beginnings began in the summer of 2017. Parked on the side of a dirt road in the middle of a forested area of western Alberta, founder Mitch Jacobsen had pulled over to rest. He had several more hours of driving to get home from his trip to the field as a water sustainability engineer, and nightfall was quickly approaching. Already having consumed two energy drinks, Mitch was feeling the crash, the heart burn, and the exhaustion that eventually came from drinking these products. With several more hours to drive on dirt roads to get home, he wished he didn’t have to rely on these beverages to power him through the day. With natural caffeine from tea and guarana seed, energy from organic honey, and 100% of your daily vitamin B3, B12, and C – Rviita is that perfect afternoon pick me up. Revitalize means to imbue with new life and vitality, and that is exactly what Rviita will do to your day.

Thrive Provisions

thrive provisions

Thrive Provisions are unlike any other not only because of the clean label, superior taste and textures, or best-in-class practices, but they are also natural leaders with four generations of expertise and a rock solid reputation for excellence. Their Heritage Farm was established in 1940 and they strongly uphold the same family values, safety standards, and best-in-class practices that has made us a brand known for excellence and the most premium foods. Through Thrive Provisions, they continue to build upon their prestigious farming legacy that has flourished throughout the years. They enrich everyday living with artisanal, accessible food that defies the ordinary and solves the demands of the modern lifestyle.

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