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Sashimi at home

Enjoy fresh sashimi and sushi right at home!

Introducing the Sashimi Platter

Bessie Box sashimi-grade Atlantic salmon, ahi tuna, and sockeye salmon sliced and served as sashimi with soy sauce, rice, wasabi and ginger on a bamboo board.

A Bessie favourite has always been our sashimi-grade fish. It makes for easy meals with little to no cook time. Just defrost, slice, and enjoy!
Enjoy your ahi tuna, Atlantic salmon, and sockeye salmon as refreshing sashimi, a mouthwatering poke bowl, or delicious sushi.


What is in the Sashimi Platter?

The sashimi platter comes with all of our favourite sashimi-grade fish. Inside you will find 2 Atlantic salmon portions, 2 sockeye salmon portions, and 2 ahi tuna steaks. Each portion is 6oz and comes flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed.

Our Atlantic salmon is sustainable farmed in BC and ASC certified. This versatile fish can be enjoyed however you please; raw, baked or fried. Atlantic salmon has a milk flavour and is lighter in colour than sockeye salmon.

Sockeye salmon had a great punch of flavour. This ocean-wise fish is wild-caught in Alaska and Ocean Wise. It has a more noticeable flavour with small flakes. It's best enjoyed raw but can also be baked or fried if you prefer a stronger flavour profile. Just be careful not to overcook it as it dries out easier than Atlantic salmon.

Ahi tuna is one of our absolute favourites! Ahi tuna is also known as yellowfin tuna and best enjoyed raw or with a quick sear. This beautiful red fish is wild-caught in Mexico and also Ocean Wise.

What is sashimi-grade fish?

Sashimi-grade fish is high quality fish that has been flash-frozen to kill any parasites and bacteria. This process makes it safe for us to prepare and enjoy raw sashimi at home. Just remember to handle it as you would with other raw fish. Always wash your hands before and after handling and make sure your surfaces and preparation tools are clean. Eat your sashimi-grade fish with in 3 days of defrosting, best defrosted out of it's vacuum seal packaging.

How do I prepare sashimi?

Bessie's founder, Spencer, loves experimenting with food! Recently he's been playing with sashimi, poke bowls, and candied seafood rubs. Spencer created a great video on how to prepare a sashimi plate. Watch it on our Instagram or TikTok.

Defrost your fish out of the original packaging, this gets rid of any metallic flavour from the gases used in the flash-freezing process. The best way to defrost it is in the fridge with tupperware lined with paper towel underneath. Rinse and pat dry your fish. If you're enjoying salmon, remove the skin then slice diagonally against the grain. Preparing ahi tuna sashimi is even easier with no skin to remove. Simply defrost, rinse, pat dry, and slice against the grain. Plate with your favourite dipping sauces and sides. Enjoy!

Getting hungry?
Try out the Sashimi Platter yourself!