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Bessie x Righteous Gelato

Although this limited time offer is over...we're thankful that Righteous Gelato joined the Bessie roster.

Founded in 2009, James bought a single scoop shop with only $1800 to his name. Fast forward more than 10 years and a name change, Righteous Gelato has turned into a beloved gelato brand in North America. 

Small Batch Is The Best

Gelato, plant-based, and sorbetto—Righteous has something for everyone!

Small Batch Gelato

Righteous gelato is made of milk and cream without all the air whipped in, gelato has a richer character than your typical ice cream and with less fat and sugar.

Plant Based Gelato

Just as decadent and delicious as their regular gelato, their plant based flavours delight those who are dairy intolerant & dairy lovers alike.


Righteous' refreshing flavour forward sorbettos are dairy free, vegan friendly and filled with fresh fruit goodness. 

Ingredients with Integrity

All the pints have the best quality ingredients they can get their hands on. Righteous never uses artificial flavours or aside from the natural sugars found in fruit, their gelato and sorbetto is only sweetened with pure cane sugar.

Even though this promo is over...we have new promos every month to check out!

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