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Bessie joins the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)

The Bessie Team is excited to announce that we are a part of TAP!

TAP is a 4-day innovative program that helps companies go global, facilitated by Calgary Economic Development. The Toronto Board of Trade created TAP 5 years ago...and now it is offered in +12 cities across Canada!

trade accelerator program calgary cohort 6
Cohort 6 practising international got spicy! (image: Shona Reilly)


The program helps companies who want to enter the international market prepare for their first (of many) exports.


Everything. The program is broken into 4 days. Day one and two are dedicated to sessions with industry experts ranging from law to freight shipping. Day three is for working on your export plan. Lastly, day four, is to get feedback from the industry experts. Best of all, we get to learn from and with other incredible small businesses in Calgary!


The Bessie Team is exploring how we can export naturally-raised Alberta beef into other markets. We think exporting is a great opportunity for us to support Alberta farmers even more than we do now.

Special thanks to the Calgary Economic Development team, as well as other TAP partners including Air Canada, EDC, RBC, BDC, PwC, Bennett Jones, Trade Commissioner Service, Government of Alberta, Jori International, and 321 Growth Academy.

Interested in TAP?
Ask us about it. Send us a message via our contact form..
Want to be in the next TAP cohort? Learn more here.