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Bessie's Packaging

Here's everything you need to know about our packages from what's in it to how to reuse it.

What's in it?

  1. Flash-frozen, vacuum sealed with plastic, individually portioned meat and seafood. Order now.
  2. An extra from the Bessie team. It can be anything from fresh rosemary to spices.
  3. A note from the Bessie team. You can keep it or recycle it! We encourage you to share the discount on the bottom with your friends/family.
  4. A print out that outlines where the meat and seafood is from.

How long does it stay cold?

Your Bessie meat and seafood will stay cold in the bag for 4 hours.

How do I dispose of the plastic packaging?

Unfortunately, the packaging isn't recyclable. Please dispose of the packaging in the trash.

Why can't you use compostable packaging?

There isn't any compostable packaging that has been approved by the meat and seafood processing regulatory bodies in Canada...yet. There are companies working hard to try and find a solution! The majority are based in Europe and we are keeping an eye on them. Learn more about Bessie's environmental impact.

How can I reuse or return the Bessie bag?

You can reuse the bag in many ways: a lunch bag, a picnic basket or a wine cooler. If you want to return the bag, we can swap with you on your next order. Share your creative ways of reusing your Bessie bag on social media and tag us!