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Our Environmental Impact

We do our best for the environment and are always looking for innovative ideas to reduce Bessie's footprint.

What we are doing today:

  • Bessie customers reduce their footprint by supporting ethical and sustainable farming and fishing (as local as possible!). Bessie suppliers follow best in class industry standards. We are all responsible stewards of animals, people, and the environment. Learn more about our farmers and fishermen
  • One less grocery store trip. Bessie deliveries bring wholesale benefits (better value and less road miles) to Bessie customers
  • We work with farmers and fishermen that use sustainable practices. We use face to face relationships (and 3rd party audits) to keep up the quality!
  • As a customer, you share a cow with several other customers. Each part of the animal gets used (even the tongue!). Chickens and seafood are significantly cutting down on food waste
  • We made the choice to go with reusable bags instead of boxes. We don't want to increase consumption, even if it's recyclable
  • No styrofoam! No cardboard! No dry ice! Read more about our packaging
  • Bessie's inventory is kept small on purpose. We only store what our customers are going to need. No massive walk-in freezers using up energy

What we hope to see in the future:

  • Plastic packaging that is for vacuum-sealing that is food safe and compostable. If you know any company in Canada working on this, please contact us.