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Sashimi Platter


"All You Can Eat" sushi at home! Sashimi-grade favs: ahi tuna, Atlantic salmon, and sockeye salmon. Create IG-worthy poke bowls. Get creative and test your skills with sushi rolls. Or simply slice up some refreshing sashimi.

Ahi tuna is best served raw or with a quick sear. This wild-caught fish has a medium-mild flavour with a firm texture. 

Atlantic salmon is delicious raw, baked or fried. This versatile fish has a mild flavour with a medium-firm texture and large flakes. 

Sockeye salmon is perfect for those who love a great punch of flavour. This beautiful red-orange fish has a noticeable flavour with small flakes. Sockeye salmon is best enjoyed raw but also great baked or fried for those who love a stronger flavour profile. Be careful over cooking though as it dries out easier than Atlantic salmon. 

All 6 oz portions, individually vacuum sealed for easy eating!
Don't forget to defrost your fish out of its packaging for the best eating experience!

What's inside?

  • 2 Ahi tuna steaks (wild-caught in Mexico, Ocean Wise)
  • 2 Atlantic salmon portions (sustainably farmed in BC, ASC certified)
  • 2 Sockeye salmon portions (wild-caught in Alaska, Ocean Wise)

*All weights and sizes are approximate and may vary*

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    Raised Without Antibiotics

    All Bessie animals are raised without the use of antibiotics. Animals treated with antibiotics (for life-saving reasons) are removed from the herd and are not sold for consumption.

    Grass Finished

    Our animals are 100% grass and silage fed (silage = chopped up fermented grass). The majority of their time is spent grazing on Earth's natural pasture.

    Raised Without Hormones

    Bessie doesn't administer growth hormones because they simply aren't necessary for our animals and the land they are raised in.

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    Sashimi Platter


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