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Sashimi Platter

Sashimi Platter

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"All You Can Eat" sushi at home! Sashimi-grade favs: ahi tuna, Atlantic salmon, and sockeye salmon. Create IG-worthy poke bowls. Get creative and test your skills with sushi rolls. Or simply slice up some refreshing sashimi.

Ahi tuna is best served raw or with a quick sear. This wild-caught fish has a medium-mild flavour with a firm texture. 

Atlantic salmon is delicious raw, baked or fried. This versatile fish has a mild flavour with a medium-firm texture and large flakes. 

Sockeye salmon is perfect for those who love a great punch of flavour. This beautiful red-orange fish has a noticeable flavour with small flakes. Sockeye salmon is best enjoyed raw but also great baked or fried for those who love a stronger flavour profile. Be careful over cooking though as it dries out easier than Atlantic salmon. 

All 6 oz portions, individually vacuum sealed for easy eating!
Don't forget to defrost your fish out of its packaging for the best eating experience!

What's inside?

  • 2 Ahi tuna steaks (wild-caught in Mexico, Ocean Wise)
  • 2 Atlantic salmon portions (sustainably farmed in BC, ASC certified)
  • 2 Sockeye salmon portions (wild-caught in Alaska, Ocean Wise)

*All weights and sizes are approximate and may vary*

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