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Healthy Eating Made Easy

Raised without antibioticsRaised without added hormonesGrass fed & grass finished

Naturally raised without antibiotics or added hormones.
Grass-fed and grass-finished.

Build-Your-Own Bessie Box

1. Pick your favourite meats and seafood.
2. Choose how often you want your delivery.
3. Enjoy 5% off AND Bessie's monthly pick with every order.

Or let Bessie do the work for you with our curated boxes!

Hassle-free, on your terms. Cancel, skip, and change your subscription whenever you'd like, as often as you'd like.

From $57.00


From $51.00

New York Strip

From $36.00

Stew Meat

From $43.00

Sirloin Tip Roast


Beef Brisket

From $14.00

Marrow Bones

From $31.00

Chicken Thigh

From $50.00

Chicken Breasts

From $19.00


From $19.00

Ahi Tuna

From $45.00

Sockeye Salmon


Salmon Sides