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Mangalitsa Bacon Carbonara

At Bessie we are not shy about our love of mangalitsa pork. EH Farms has always offered such an amazing product and we wanted to honor them with this quick and easy weeknight Spaghetti Carbonara. Typically, carbonara uses guanciale which is a cured pork jowl which has a higher average fat content compared to bacon. However, mangalitsa pork is anything but typical, yielding fat content similar to guanciale! 

Mangalitsa Bacon Carbonara


  • ⅓ Pack of Mangalitsa Pork Bacon
  • 4 Large eggs
  • 1 lbs of spaghetti
  • 65g of parmesan
  • Lot of black pepper 
  • Salt to season


  • Large pan
  • Colander 
  • Pot

Steps (10 minutes prep 20 minute cook)

  1. Receive your Bessie Box delivery. Defrost your mangalitsa pork bacon in the fridge the night before.
  2. Heat a pot of water and season with a little bit of salt
  3. While the water is coming up to a boil dice bacon into 1/2 inch pieces
  4. Whisk together 4 eggs and with grated parmesan 
  5. In a dry pan, fry bacon until crisp over medium heat, season with a little salt and lots of black pepper. Keep 3.5 tbsp of the fat in the pan and reserve bacon bits. 
  6. In a pot boil your 1lb of pasta slightly under the package instruction. Reserve a 2/3  cup of the pasta water. This will act as the base of your sauce. 
  7. Drain pasta in a collider  and drop into the pan containing your bacon fat. Add half a cup of pasta water and cook over medium heat for 1 minute coating all the pasta in the fat making sure to mix constantly
  8. Turn the heat off and remove your pan. Stream in egg and cheese mixture constantly so as to not scramble eggs. Season with salt to taste. 
  9. Incorporate your mangalitsa pork bacon back into the mixture. Serve and enjoy!