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Bessie empowers honest and responsible farmers to get their food (and story!) to people

Prairie Ranchers (Beef)

Location: Wetaskiwan, AB

Food: Natural beef with premium grade marbling.

"Our ranching approaches are rooted in the simplicity of the past, combined with fresh knowledge for a healthy and sustainable future. We believe in working within nature’s system. The simple elements provide all we need to raise abundant, high-quality, nutritious beef."
— Tim Hofer

See what Tim and his farmer friends are working on at Prairie Ranchers.

High River Chicken (Chicken)

Location: High River, AB

Food: Natural chicken with healthy diets

"From hatch to harvest, the High River Colony has been raising chickens with a focus on animal care, environment, and sustainability for 33 years. We put so much care into creating a healthy and nutritious life for our birds. Animal care is integral to our lives as farmers."Larry Hofer

See what Larry and his farmer friends are working on at High River Chicken.


Lone Pine (Chicken)

Location: Stettler, AB

Food: Natural chicken with healthy diets

"We have been farmers for the last 500 years following the footsteps of our forefathers. When it comes to farming, we constantly strive to be good stewards of the land so it is there for years to come for the next generation."Peter Entz

See what Larry and his farmer friends are working on at Lone Pine.

EH Farms (Pork)

Location: Strathmore, AB

Food: Red Mangalitsa Pork

"It's the wagyu of pork. There's deep marbling and flavour in this meat!"

See what Christina and her family are working on at EH Farms.

Pesca Azteca (Ahi Tuna)

Location: Mexico

Food: Yellowfin (Ahi) Tuna

"Our fishing method is based on the capture of adult yellowfin tuna with average weights of 20kg per piece, through the search, location and capture of the school of mature tuna, guaranteeing the sustainable reproduction of the species."

North Sea (Sockeye Salmon)

Location: Alaska, USA

Food: Sockeye Salmon

Ceres (Béchamel Sauce)

Location: Olds, AB

Food: Oyster Mushroom Béchamel Sauce

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