Bessie Box

Bessie Mediterranean Box


Bessie Box Mix Mediterranean Box Chicken Breast Sockeye Salmon Atlantic Ahi Tuna

Bring healthy colour to your plate. Benefit your body to keep your ticker ticking and your mind sharp with sashimi-grade tuna, nutrient-rich salmons, and naturally-raised chicken. Catch every bit of flavour. Build wellness into your day.

What's inside? (small: ~38 portions)

- 3 Chicken Breasts (~3 lb)
- 2 packs of Chicken Thighs (~4 lbs: 4 thighs per pack)
- 1 Atlantic Salmon fillet (~2.5 lbs: BC, sustainably farmed)
- 1 Sockeye Salmon fillet (~1.5 lbs: Alaska, Ocean Wise, wild)
- 4 Ahi Tuna steaks (1.5 lbs: Mexico, Ocean Wise, wild)

What's inside? (large): 2x small