Bessie Box

Bessie Grill Pack


Bessie Box Grill Pack Beef NY Strip Steak Grass-Fed Ground Maui Ribs Ribeye

Perfect as the weather heats up and the grills are out! The pack includes a selection of our favourite cuts that are grill ready—sure to be a hit. Bessie Alberta beef is 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.

What's inside? (small)
- 4 NY Strip steaks (~10 oz each)
- 4 Flat Iron steaks (2 steaks per pack, ~14 oz per pack)
- 2 Ribeye steaks (~10 oz each)
- 2 lbs Maui Ribs

- 2 
packs of Ground Beef (1 lb per pack)

What's inside? (large): 2x small