Bessie Box

Beef & Brew Special


Bessie Box Beef & Brew Special Mill Street Calgary

We've never done a special before—Bessie and Mill St. are working together to combine natural meat with natural beer.

Mill Street Calgary's brewer Warren and Bessie founder Spencer worked together in the field as engineers before diving head first into the food/beverage industry. Warren brews small batches of Calgary flavours and hand labels the cans just for consumption in the 17th avenue brewpub—that is until now!

Learn more about Warren and Spencer's story on our blog.

*Local to Calgary only. 4x pack = $13 of value (taxes and fees included).

What's inside? (small)
- 4x pack of Calgary Beers (C of Haze, Pursuit Pilsner, Honest Bucker, Gold Yeller)
- 4 NY Strip steaks (~10 oz each)
- 4 Flat Iron steaks (2 steaks per pack, ~14 oz per pack)
- 2 Ribeye steaks (~10 oz each)
- 2 lbs Maui Ribs

- 2 
packs of Ground Beef (1 lb per pack)

What's inside? (large): 2x small