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Bessie's Open! For Alberta, By Alberta

lance and karyn neilson cattle ranchers in stettler alberta

We started Bessie because eating food together is one of the most common but powerful things we do.

Making the good choice of eating high quality food from local producers is awesome...but it isn't always easy because of price, accessibility, and more.

We help bring farmers closer to their local communities to make the good choice = the easy choice for everyone. Farmers get paid fairly for their hard work and people get great food for the right value.

lance and karyn neilson cattle ranchers in stettler alberta
Lance & Karyn Neilson at their cattle ranch in Stettler, Alberta. Plus a couple little calves peeking curiously from behind their mommies! (image: Brett Mahura)


We work with Neilson Signature Beef located near Stettler, AB. We cannot thank them enough for trusting us to share their hard work, food, and story! Over the last few months, we have learned so much about raising healthy animals, the history of ranching, and the all-encompassing passion of farmers. No matter the question or the request—(farm visits for more than 8 people!)—Lance & Karyn are always willing to give us a hand.

Because of them, the beef that ends up on our family tables is healthy, tasty, and easy.

We hope that we can be a small part of the memories that you make with your loved ones whether it's at a summer barbeque or holiday dinner.

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We want to connect with more local farmers and producers (for more regions and for more types of protein). If you are interested in working with Bessie to reach your community, please send us a message via our contact form.