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Bessie uses Single Animal Origin Processing

Neilson Signature Beef cattle RFID tag

Bessie beef is safe and traceable from nose to tail, farm to table.

Update (10/12/19): Bessie is NOT affected by recent beef recalls (CFIA).

All of Bessie’s beef is sourced from local producers and processed by small-scale abattoirs that offer single animal origin processing. This means that each animal is processed with unique care; one at a time.

Neilson Signature Beef cattle RFID tag
RFID ear tags used for cattle traceability. Bessie producer Neilson Signature Beef has now fully digitized their cattle record keeping. (image: Brett Mahura)


In the past few days, some beef processors have recalled beef in Alberta, Ontario, and Québec due to issues with cross-contamination and E. coli at their facilities (Canadian Food Inspection Agency).

Bessie is not affected by this recall.

  • Bessie processes beef with Marc & Bettina at Meat Chop (Red Deer, Alberta) 

  • Meat Chop uses single animal origin packaging and slow line speeds. Each animal is kept separate during processing. Contamination issues that affect industrial slaughterhouses are rare in small-scale abattoirs

Bessie is, and will remain, the most direct and authentic source for your meat in Alberta. We take healthy food seriously.

Bessie farmers are responsible community members.
Meet your Bessie farmers and know where your food comes from.